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Emergency Management

Click the above image if you live in Giles County and wish to receive weather warning phone calls, texts, email, or even social media.

Our Emergency Management Team

    We also conduct public presentations and speeches at schools, special events, civic organizations, etc. (including television, radio and/or newspaper interviews or appearances) which would benefit the public's safety and enhance the community's awareness and preparedness for any potential emergency/disaster threat to this jurisdiction. 

    Directs the planning, organization, control, and implementation of local emergency management activities, these activities are include development of a severe storm spotter's network, designed to provide advanced/early warning of impending severe weather threats to the community. 


    We coordinate with community officials and with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) as necessary to ensure the effective administration of the emergency management program, agency policies and communication procedures for all jurisdictional employees and volunteers.  We have developed and implemented the Basic Emergency Operations Plan (BEOP) for Giles County. The BEOP is updated every 3 years with other updates being added when needed. It was last updated and approved by TEMA in 2018. We developed and implemented the All Hazards Mitigation Plan for Giles County. This plan has to be updated every 5 years with approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This plan is a requirement for requesting federal mitigation funds. It is due to be updated in 2025 and the funds for updating are being provided through these federal mitigation grants. OEM prepares and distributes disaster preparedness material to the citizens of this jurisdiction, with the intent of offering an appropriate means of educating the community as to how they may prepare for and protect themselves from the consequences of such potentially dangerous man made and natural disasters.

   OEM Manages, operates and maintains the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Back-up E911 system. Through the use of Federal Homeland Security funds has constructed and maintains a mobile command and communications vehicle. Giles County has been a leader in the State of Tennessee Middle Region in Interoperable Communications and was one of the first counties in the middle region to have all agencies interoperable and narrow banded.

Giles County

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