Giles County

Burning permits focus attention on the safe use of fire. From October 15 through May 15.

The Fire Marshals Office investigates and gathers facts to determine cause of fires and explosions and enforces fire laws: Investigates case when either arson or criminal negligence is suspected.
Examines fire site to determine burn pattern and detect presence of flammable materials and gases and incendiary devices, using various detectors.
Submits any evidence to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Forensics Lab for examination and testing of accelerants.
Works with the Giles County Sheriff’s Department and/or Tennessee Fire Marshalls Office to subpoenas and interview witnesses, building owners, and occupants to obtain sworn testimony of observed facts.
Prepares reports on each investigation and submits data indicating arson to Giles County Sheriff’s Department and/or Tennessee Fire Marshalls Office.
Testifies in court, citing evidence obtained from investigation.
Provides public education in fire prevention, including giving talks, demonstrations, and presentations before community groups, schools, and other organizations or institutions.


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